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In the unlikely event that you have found this site without knowing much about the Inland Waterways of the UK, then you will find the web a very helpful place to find information about the subject. For some reason that a sociolgist will no doubt be able to explain, people interested in the waterways are often interested in computers. Please don't think that this is even an attempt at a comprehensive list - this page is really a collection of My Favourities, so I can find them when not at my own computer.

Links and General Resources

Canals.com A very comprehensive site

Jim Shead's Waterways Information Another very comprehensive site with many useful articles

Tim's Waterways Index includes a very good list of individual's boat sites

Inland Waterways Association. Loads of information.

National Boat Owners Association. Not just about owning a boat, but news, stoppage and mooring information.

British Waterways Official site.

Waterscape BW's commercial site.

Route Planning

Canalplan A brilliant resource that allows you to plan your cruising in great detail.

Canal Planner for Windows 6 link to an offline program that you can use without an internet link. Invaluable if you have a computer on your boat.

Waterways Guides updates Errors corrected and new info. A "must check" before setting out.

Individual Cruising Sites

Tuesday Night Club A man on a mission to cover every inch of navigable waterway.

Mike Stevens An expert on London's canals

Thames Tideway Very useful on our tideway adventure

Discussion groups



Google groups of UKRW

Internet boaters

internet boaters database

Web Cams

Alvecote Marina

Anderton Lift

Bristol Harbourside

Norfolk Broads

Thames at Maidenhead

River Severn

My spurious links



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